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“A struggle for change people into peace and prosperity”
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Pakistan is a country of multi-religious, multi-ethnicities and multi-sects communities. Due
to sectarian discrimination, the whole society is divided on religious and caste bases. As a
result of divisions at various levels, there is socio-economic unevenness and religiopolitical
disparity that has created various classes in the society of this country. The gulf between lowest strata and upper classes of the society is widening day by day. This has resulted in pushing some communities of this land to live below the poverty line. These communities are socially economically and politically backward.
Most of the time, they are denied their civil, human and political rights. These are
communities that are hit by discriminatory laws. For example, the interpretation by a High
Court regarding Law of Evidence in respect of some communities has further confirmed
communal discrimination. They remain under a constant threat due to blasphemy laws that
were included in the penal code of Pakistan during the Martial law regime. In the prevailing circumstances, people who believe in the dignity of all human beings have got together to ameliorate the lot of suffering communities by providing them
awareness. These concerned communities have decided to work as an association,
namely”Idea in Action”.
“Lord Jesus Christ is son of God and he is our saviour no body can go to almighty God with out son.”
Idea in action has the vision of changing the deteriorating plight of less privileged
communities especially the communities belong to minorities of Pakistan, who because of high-handedness, superiority and privileged position of the religious majority of upper strata of the society, have remained much backward, less educated and pathetically under developed.