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Idea in action is providing computer education with collaboration with different computer intuitions where poor and needy student has been equipping with basic computer knowledge so that they could have job of a computer operator or equivalent job and could be able to earn enough to support their families. Idea in action has been teaching these students since before forming organization (idea in action). We almost five hundred student has been taught. Basic reason is I am myself computer teacher therefore poor and Christian students were our focused.
Idea in action has done frequent motivation programmes about the importance of family
planning balance diet, proper sanitation, appropriate drinking water and hygienic
As idea in action is working for peace and prosperity and direct involve in social harmony activities so that a peace full society would be generated in Pakistan. People have no awareness about social harmony and need such programs and activities where all people could live together with peace.
Computer Trainings
Preventive health care:
“Lord Jesus Christ is son of God and he is our saviour no body can go to almighty God with out son.”